Leader Resources

These materials are to help facilitate the development of convictions and milestones in our small groups. They are meant to be a support to you as a small group leader.


Lordship can be broken into at least 3 small group lessons: "Life and Teachings of Christ, Nature and Character of God, and Lordship".

Lordship Introduction
"Total Commitment to Christ" A. W. Tozer
"God Has a Right On Our Lives" Eli Gautreax
"Free As A Slave" Winkie Pratney
Lordship Leaders Notes
Lordship Handout
Life and Teachings of Christ
Nature and Character of God

Brotherhood / Fellowship

Reading on Community
"Honor" by Eli Stewart
The Four C's of Fellowship


A Leader's Prayer Life

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Introduction
Spiritual Gifts
Gifts of the Holy Spirit Discussion Leaders Notes
Gifts of the Holy Spirit Discussion Handout

Baptism of The Holy Spirit 

Baptism of the Holy Spirit Introduction
Power With God
Baptism Questions and Answers
Being Filled With The Spirit Discussion Leaders Notes
Being Filled With The Spirit Discussion Handout





Faith Introduction
"Exposition of Hebrews 11" Spurgeon
"Walking In Darkness" Winkie Pratney
"Faiths Way of Approach" Spurgeon
Faith Discussion Leaders Notes
Faith Handout


Work Introduction


Dating Introduction
"Learning to Live in Love" Winkie Pratney
"The Empty Path of Pleasure" Ravi Zacharias
Sexual Purity
Sex Discussion Leaders Notes
Sex Discussion Handout


Fasting Introduction
Assembly of God Position Paper
"Commentary on Matthew 6" Matthew Henry
Fasting Discussion Leaders Notes
Fasting Handout

The Will of God

The Will of God Introduction
"Knowing God's Will" Winkie Pratney
"Finding The Will of God" Joe Zickafoose
Will of God Discussion Leaders Notes
Will of God Study Handout

The Promises of God

The Promises of God Introduction

End Times

End Times Introduction
End Times Events
End Times Events Discussion Leaders Notes
End Times Events Discussion Handout