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"I grew up going to church, but it was never a serious thing for me. I grew up skateboarding and I was surrounded by a lot of friends who were into drugs and partying. I called myself a Christian and I worked to hide the double life that I thought could remain hidden. I never really thought about how what I was doing was hurting God’s heart.

There came a point in my last year of high school where everything suddenly seemed dull and empty to me. I knew I couldn't live a double life anymore. My desires slowly started to change, but still I felt like I was missing something. I was really starting to desire to know more about God, and I wanted to have friends to share my walk with.

God answered. I met a guy the first week of my freshman year at UTSA that became a brother to me. God used this new friendship to bring me into a small group and into a community of believers who have become my closest friends and real role models for my walk with Jesus. Their lives showed how spiritually poor I really was. But there I was, searching for community, and I was welcomed in with no exceptions or conditions. God opened my eyes to what it really meant to be a follower of Jesus. What it meant to not just call myself a Christian, but to life a Christ-like life.

I wasn't created to do life alone, so God directed me where He knew I would be able to have more of Himself. I realized that though I had no right to ask God for anything, He, in all His faithfulness, would kneel down and answer me." - Erick M.