I grew up in the church, and because of that I was taught about God and the things of Christianity, but I never really experienced it. I knew about God, but I didn’t know God personally. I knew the rules and lived my life according to them, but it was still selfish, and I didn’t have the presence of God in my life.

In the second half of high school, I started hanging out with the church band and some other church staff. This is when I first experienced true Godly fellowship. Coming into college, I told myself that if I found a Christian organization or a church, then I would stick with it. However, I wouldn’t seek it out myself or look for one.

Praise God the first person I met on campus was my small group leader, he helped move me in and we clicked instantly. The fellowship and friendship we shared really spoke to me and he felt like a brother. Being in Chi Alpha has really grown me spiritually and changed me, and through that I can now say I know God and continue to learn about Him.