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Brittany Garcia - Healed

I felt a hand on my back. I looked up and it was my small group leader! She had come to find me in the back of that dark room because she cared for me and knew that I was struggling with epilepsy. In that moment, everything was so clear and I realized that I needed healing. I knew that sickness wasn’t meant to be part of my identify.

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Emerson - Pursued

“By the end of my sophomore year of college, I felt incredibly lost, I became self-centered, and I was mean. I thought that I could live in sin AND pursue God. Often times, I would feel empty and angry with myself with how I was living. I began to hunger for real relationships and real conversations.“ - Emerson Frase

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Amanda’s Testimony - Restored

After experiencing a Godless upbringing and deep hurt in her teen years, Amanda was left with more questions that anything. Hear in her words, about how Jesus made himself known to her and answered all of her questions. "What is the Gospel?", "Is everything in the Bible true?", "Is Jesus really God?", and "Could Jesus still love me, despite my sin?" 

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