Into The World and On His Mind by Matthew Briseno


By Matthew Briseno

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16

When I thought of mission trips, three things came to my mind: I’d be traveling where I did not know the language, where the weather was hot, and the water would most likely make me sick. Images of people getting on planes, boats, and trains traveling to far places controlled my imagination. I thought that only certain Christian people could do these Indiana Jones-type tasks for God. Surely ordinary young college students could never do such things.

My second summer in SHSU XA, I signed up to go on my first mission trip: Mexico City. I remember thinking, “How could God could really use someone like me to minister in a place I’ve never been?” I recall going to a small village and standing under a tent on a street median. Nearbystood a decrepit concrete building that looked abandoned; the village used it as a school!

The youth leader asked our team if anyone could sing a worship song. Myself and another girl on our team went up front and led the village school in praise and worship. Now, I’m not the best singer—and nothing about the venue was extravagant, but I knew that God was glorified in that little worship service on that street median. I heard the sweet praises of those young Mexican students singing to Jesus inthat tiny community.

No matter where we are or who we are with, these places and people matter to God! He can use anyone to bring glory to His name. If the people we talk to, or the places we go are in this world, then they are definitely on Christ’s mind.

How can we convey His love to them? A willing heart.

God can use anyone and take them to the places that seem so far (or near) and even far more insignificant, and pair them with those who have not yet received a heart of flesh in exchange for their heart of stone. Even in an obscure place in Mexico, with a guy like me.


No little people, no little places.


What are ways you could volunteer/serve a ministry, friends, family in areas you may not the best at? How can you begin to look for people on your campus, at work, in your family that other people may have overlooked?