Chi Alpha International

American universities are the destination for 1.13 million international students. They are the future leaders of this generation in each nation.

The nations are coming to our doorstep.

The heart of Great Commission is to make disciples of all nations. We can do this without leaving the U.S. and learning another language.

The nations are living among us.

Many of these international students come from the countries that the Bible is prohibited to distribute, churches are monitored, and Christians are persecuted. Most likely, they have never had an opportunity to hear and experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The nations are within our reach.

We welcome international friends into our lives and our Christ-centered community so that in turn, they can spread the Good News to people in their home countries.

I’m from Indonesia, and I was in Chi Alpha while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. My sister invited me to Chi Alpha when I was a freshman and I agreed to go because I had nowhere else to go and had no close friends during my freshman year. My first small group was memorable because all the girls that I met in Chi Alpha welcomed me with open arms. They were genuine about wanting to be my friend. They all became my sisters and have been with me through thick and thin. Now, Small Group means a family to me because being an international student and being away from my family, my small group really made me feel like I’m at home. I am forever grateful to be able to join Chi Alpha and pursue a relationship with Jesus with my small group girls.
Hola! I was born and raised in Mexico. I came to the U.S. to study Communications when I was 19. At the beginning of my freshman year, I met people from Chi Alpha and started hanging out with them. Soon, I got plugged in a Small Group. Every week I was hanging out with them, going to Small Group and to XA service with them. These people became my best friends, and today I consider them as my brothers and sisters in Christ. They took me in even though I came from a different culture. I am so thankful for my small group guys and all of my friends in Chi Alpha. I recommend that everyone should join Small Group with Chi Alpha. It has changed my life, and the friendships that anyone makes here will last for a life time.
I grew up in Mexico with 2 siblings and my parents. Growing up in a very safe environment I never expected to move so far away from my family. I entered UTSA in 2012 majoring in Mechanical Engineering without having any close friends or anyone to trust. I still remember my first week of school and the specific prayer I had that week. I prayed for good friends and good people around me without knowing what the Lord had prepared for me. I met an incredible girl on my way to class, who decided to love me unconditionally and to be my friend. The most important thing that she showed me was how to have a real relationship with Jesus as a young lady. I can truly say that the encounter I had that day changed my life forever. The Lord gave me more than what I expected and the friendships I made in Small Group and Chi Alpha will last for an eternity.