The majority of our students will leave our ministry upon graduation and enter into the workforce to be the salt of the earth and light of the world. However, the key to thrive in the marketplace depends on how well one will cope with the season of making this transition.

So, we come alongside those that are led into the marketplace ministry by providing a transitional small group called TENT. Inspired by the life and ministry of Aquila and Priscilla in the Scriptures, TENT exists to…

Transform the marketplace for God’s Kingdom
Edify and support the local churches
Navigate through life’s changes together
Teach and make disciples

If you are interested in joining TENT in your season of making the transition from college to the workforce, contact us here!


Q. What is the goal of being a part of TENT?
A. The primary focus of TENT is to assist you in pluging-in to a local church because we believe that your ability to thrive in the marketplace heavily depends on your involvement in local churches.

Q. Is TENT a church or replacement for fellowship?
A. No. TENT is not meant to replace your involvement in a local church, but rather, to inspire you to be a part of it more deeply. TENT is a place that you will be encouraged to develop your love for the Church and recharged to continue to fight to win souls in the marketplace.

Q. Can I stay in TENT as long as I want?
A. We encourage you to stay in TENT no more than a year. Since the goal of TENT is to help you plugin to a local church, it is healthier for you to find and commit to a church family as you participate in TENT.

Q. Do I have to choose a church with a particular denomination?
A. We are a ministry of the Assemblies of God; however, we understand that people often come from different denominational backgrounds and encourage you to search for a church family you can commit to.

Q. Is TENT gender-separate or coed?
A. It is gender-separate.

Q. Are there TENTs in other cities outside of San Antonio?
A. Currently, only San Antonio. We are prayerfully preparing to launch TENTs in other cities. If you are interested in starting TENT or looking to plug in to a local church in your current city, please contact us or see our list of recommended churches.